Brief and Response #1 Honest Diapers – Better for the Planet

Howdy! I’ve begun my journey towards Award School 2020 with the aim to build on my existing experience by adding some pure creative copywriting and art direction. All feedback welcomed and desired.

Hopefully my shitty response to the below brief tickles ya fancy. This is the 1st of hopefully many.


Client: The Honest Company

Product: The Honest Company Baby Diapers

Media: Poster

Target Audience: Environmentally Conscious Parents

Single-minded proposition: Better for the planet

Background: The Honest Company was founded to help parents in
search of safe options make the right choices for their
families. They created a range of super-absorbent,
eco-friendly diapers that are made with naturally
derived and sustainable materials. Their diapers are
gentle for your baby’s delicate skin, safe, eco-friendly,
disposable with plant-based and sustainable materials.

Mandatories: The Honest Co logo and Honest Diapers Pack-shot