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Boilermaker for the Win!

It’s been a while ladies and gentletenders, but I’m pleased to say that once again the pretty cups shall run over with delicious and delightful libations.

For the last few years I’ve been caught up in the game so to speak and have decided to reignite this little blog as an outlet for some of my less commercial ideas and interests.

My passion is quite simply great drinks and I would love to be able to share a little of what that means to me with you.

I’ve got a long list of cool stuff I want to talk about, yet as always one must start somewhere….


The humble boilermaker is to me a classic. Although not a cocktail as such it does manage to sling two very different beverages into the mouth simultaneously.

Coopers Green needs no cup, its packaging its timeless and more than pretty enough for the purposes of this experiment. While the crisp yeastieness of this Scotto favourite provides a perfect foil for dozens of whiskies, the combination here with it’s Melbourne based brethren Starward lifts the palate to a higher plane.

Short and stout is the name of the game here as far as silica based drink-ware goes. Ideally you should be able to leave one hand free for a variety of nefarious purposes while consuming! Find yourself a new old favourite and then relax into this like that old couch on your front veranda.




lime and lemon whiskey sour

Birthday cups from Andy Mac.
We put a whiskey sour in ’em. Lime and bourbon are surprisingly complimentary. It’s a spicier and drier sour than lemon.

Jim Beam Black Label, lemon juice, lime juice, castor sugar


We’re not only about the cocktails here. We also get pretty excited about beverages in general, and appropriate glassware for those beverages. Whether or not a pineapple-cut highball is the most appropriate glass for this beer is beside the point. It feels nice to drink a nice drink out of a nice cup. We thought we’d share a little bit about why this beer, in particular, is special to us.

“Not so long ago that I can’t remember I had the opportunity to visit the fantastic brewery that produces this magnificent Lambic beer. Lambic gets its name from the municipality of Lembeek , now part of the greater metropolitan area of Brussels. Lambics are spontaneously fermented ales, all the nasties get in there and give the beer their funk.

Cantillon has been producing their beers in a super traditional manner for over 100 years not far from the centre of Brussels Grand Place. Wort is brewed predominantly from a wheat base and hopped with de-bittered or aged hops. The wort is then transferred to a large, shallow and open rectangular copper fermenting vessel at the top of the building. The room holding this vessel has slatted windows opened to allow the wild yeast of the Senne valley to do their thing. This results in a sour and very intensely flavoured drink.

Gueze is the product of multiple “vintage” blended barrel aged lambics. Aged Lambic is super acidic with nearly all the sugar fermented out during the aging process. This aged Lambic is blended with younger sweeter beer and then bottled. The final fermentation process in bottle renders the beer just as sour but superbly effervescent, similar to a methode champenois.

In 1999 Cantillon returned their production to full organic using only fully organic cereals and hops for their beers. The first 100% organic gueze was released in 2003 labelled “ecolabel” and certified by Ecocert.

This beer is super refreshing and well deserving of a pretty cup. Please enjoy this super fragrant lemony goodness in a super appropriate, pineapple cut, cup. (b)”


set of 12 real crystal tulips, found for $1 each at an Osbourne Park op-shop!

sangrita: tomato juice, orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime juices, hot sauce, Worcestershire, pepper, celery salt, grenadine, minced shallot. (D)

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