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Gladio Cocktail

Being back at school isn’t allowing for as many drinks as usual. That said, this is one from Seb Terkildsen at 399 (where I  no longer work, sadly, so I’ll take any excuse to visit). The name comes from a Cold War era, CIA supported “stay-behind” NATO operation, which operated in all of the countries represented in this drink.

Ketel One vodka, Nardini Aquavite Blanco grappa, Pernod absinthe, Gabriel Boudier Créme de Fraises, star anise


beer cocktails

We love beer. We don’t think it needs improving, and a beer cocktail is definitely not designed to be an improvement. (Apart from the Michelada.) Beer is just this whole new world of flavours when it comes to experimenting with cocktails. These drinks are based on ideas that are already out there. Special thanks to Mr Ben Taaffe for introducing us to the first recipe with this youtube link.

© Dee Allen

Beer Milkshake: James Squire Porter, Pusser’s Navy rum, Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig, Honeycomb and Caramel icecream, malted milk powder

The second was influenced by Berliner Weisse (BeerAdvocate) which is a German style of beer that is designed to have flavoured syrups added to it. German purity laws prevent fruit from being added during the brewing process so with these beers they add the flavour later. It’s usually raspberry or woodruff which is a popular sweet, herbaceous flavouring.

© Dee Allen

© Dee Allen

watermelon shrub, Westwinds ‘The Sabre’ gin, Blanche de Namur

bourbon sour flipped

A project drink. The cinnamon sugar isn’t working out at the moment though. Nice little engraved coupe!

contains: Jim Beam Black Label, Massanez Creme de Peche, lemon juice, whole egg, raw sugar and hand ground cinnamon sugar

whisk(e)y post: blood and sand, algonquin

whisky/whiskey request from Javla at Helvetica.

Blood and Sand: monkey shoulder blended scotch, antica formula sweet vermouth, cherry heering, orange juice

Algonquin: wild turkey 101 rye, noilly prat dry vermouth, pineapple juice

the invisible negroni

A friend asked me to work on this drink for him about a year ago. A few miserable failed attempts and I put it in the too hard pile. Just last week, I dreamt about it, so I had another go. This is the result. We wanted a clear or lightly coloured drink for this glass to show it off properly. Tip: the three antique shops near Mojo’s/Harvest/Mrs Brown’s in Fremantle are amazing!

invisible negroni: plymouth gin, dolin blanc, salers gentiane, cointreau, orange twist. (D)


Thanks to Joe for the glass, and Arnold for the rum.

Green Island white rum, lime juice, castor sugar. (B)

miscellaneous sour

Sometimes we take our personal liquor cabinet for granted.
This drink is a riff on about a hundred others. It has no name.
It was delicious but it was only enhanced by this seriously beautiful cup.

miscellaneous sour contains: lemon juice, lemon barley cordial, fee bros.
cherry bitters, orgeat, cadenheads old raj gin, green chartreuse. (D)

ramos gin fizz

this drink is worth the time and effort… but only if you’re making it for yourself.

we didn’t have orange blossom water at our disposal on this occasion, so we pushed the recipe a little bit using orange bitters, an orange zest and a little fresh orange juice. citrus, cream, egg white, gin, soda. (D)

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