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guest bartender – Sam Zaid

Each month the bar where we work hosts an in-house cocktail competition amongst the staff. This is a particularly attractive drink that Sam Zaid entered last month. It’s a version of the Chartreuse Mojito, that he called a Monk’s Mojito.

chartreuse, lime, mint-rosemary-thyme infused sugar syrup
garnished with mint, thyme and edible flowers


miscellaneous sour

Sometimes we take our personal liquor cabinet for granted.
This drink is a riff on about a hundred others. It has no name.
It was delicious but it was only enhanced by this seriously beautiful cup.

miscellaneous sour contains: lemon juice, lemon barley cordial, fee bros.
cherry bitters, orgeat, cadenheads old raj gin, green chartreuse. (D)

pago pago in an ice cave

this cup was alright, I guess, nothing special…. until it was garnished with a cave made of hand crushed ice!

Pago Pago Cocktail: fresh pineapple, lime juice, gold Puerto Rican rum, creme de cacao, green chartreuse.

With grenadine and a mint sprig to garnish the ice cave. (B)

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